A proposal for using contrib-design as a tag for GitHub issues, GitLab issues, forum threads etc. for soliciting design contributions on open source projects.

Hi. I am a designer.

After getting the opportunity to contribute design elements to a few open source projects my colleagues introduced me to, I wanted to do more.

I went to GitHub and tried searching for tags such as design-help, design-help-wanted, to no avail. I realised that not only is it nearly impossible for designers to discover open source projects to contribute to, it is equally difficult for project maintainers to find designers like me who are willing to contribute.

The lack of a convention for soliciting design contributions along is a huge discovery problem for natural discovery, given that designers are not familiar with large numbers of open source projects like developers tend to be.

Thus, a contrib-design tag as a convention for soliciting design help and contributions on channels such as GitHub issues, GitLab issues, Discourse threads etc. is proposed. It seems unique enough to:

Screenshot of the tag on a GitHub issue
Example GitHub issue with the tag